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Saving on the cost of your student’s tuition does not imply sacrificing the college of their dreams.

It IS possible for your student to graduate from their dream college in four years on the right career path without jeopardizing your personal retirement.

When we were in school, the process was straightforward and affordable.

Today, the process is time-consuming, complex, frustrating, and expensive. With many possible paths to take, it’s difficult to know where to start. Over the past decade, we’ve been perfecting our method of cracking the college planning code...


By building your college plan on the solid foundation of these four cornerstones, along with the proper team of college admissions and financial professionals

The Four Cornerstones of College Planning:

College Selection

Choosing “the right college” is a vague and uncertain task. Without an admissions professional as a guide your student could miss the opportunity to find their best college. We break it down into F.A.C.T.S., meaning the best college for your student must be the right Financial, Academic, Career, Timeline, and Social fit.

Financial Aid

Everyone is eligible for financial aid, regardless of income. We apply little-known strategies to maximize the amount of reward you receive, regardless of how much money you make.


Finding scholarships is frustrating and time-consuming. Our solution helps your students find legitimate scholarships they are actually eligible for, in order to cut the high cost of college.

College Funding

Most financial planners do not know how to save on the cost of college. They only know how to save for the cost of college. College funding should begin with identifying your four-year cost before your student even applies. We implement the right financial planning strategies to keep you from dipping into or delaying your retirement.

The Problem

The college admissions game has changed over the last 20 years.

Most college admissions counselors, financial advisors, CPAs and other college planners do not incorporate the four most important cornerstones needed for your child's future and your financial success.

By following a comprehensive time-saving program, parents can help students achieve their dreams without blowing their own retirement goals...That is the Peachtree Difference.

The Solution

We know success for each family is defined differently. Our custom programs guide students in finding the right colleges and assist parents in reaching their financial goals.

Whether it be finding the best schools for their students, cutting costs to save their retirement, avoiding loans, or saving time, we can help.

Ask yourself, what are your plans and strategies to maximize the four core components of a modern-day college planning process?

Our decade-old, time-saving college admissions/funding process could greatly simplify your family’s big decisions.

This is designed to ensure you are on the right path and to identify any potential mistakes.

"I have got to tell you about the good people at Peachtree College Planning! They are the most wonderfully kind, patient and knowledgeable group of people. With them, you get a twofold plan which includes the college planning part and the financial part. The college application process has changed immensely since I was in school and I am relieved and thankful to have the Peachtree College Planning team looking out for me and my kids during this exciting and nerve wracking time….I highly recommend them!"

Michelle H.

Happy Parent

Peachtree College Planning has placed students in almost every major college in the country, including:

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