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Our student services department is devoted to simplifying the college admissions process for your family. Our Student Services Consultants use cutting-edge technology to help students maximize their potential and guide them to a school and major that will motivate them for future success.

By marrying research, personal service and more than 150 years of combined expertise, our Atlanta college planners will make sure you know the options available to you.

Our college admission councilors give your kids the support they need through the application process and narrowing down the best options for their individual needs. Our professional financial planners will help come up with a strategy that minimizes the financial impact to your family.

For Students


Choosing “the right college” is much easier said than done. What does the term “right college” even mean? We break it down into F.A.C.T.S.

Simply stated, the right school for your student is the best Financial, Academic, Career, Timeline, and Social fit for their specific goals and needs. We offer all of the necessary tools to simplify the college decision process for your family and ease the burden of this decision on your student(s).

Services We Offer Students:

College Admissions Coach

  • Simplify the college admissions process by guiding your student every step of the way
  • Free their time to focus on extracurriculars most important to them

Thorough and Complete Student Career Profile

  • Uncover student interests and abilities they may not have known
  • Determine in which areas of study they will naturally excel
  • Create an exhaustive list of schools that will fit their talents

College Research and Counseling

  • Access information on more than 4,000 colleges
  • Guide you through college visits and applications
  • Provide a financial aid history of each chosen college

College Search and Visits Training

  • Teach students how to become a more attractive candidate for college admissions
  • Help identify safety schools, target schools, and reach schools
  • Provide guidance on preparing for college visits, including most important things to do the minute they get home from college visits

Adding Dimension To College Applications

  • Give strategies to receive winning letters of recommendation by selecting the right recommenders
  • Share comprehensive review of college applications
  • Teach “insider secrets” for maximizing merit-based aid from different schools

SAT/ACT Preparation

  • Customize program that pinpoints test-taking needs
  • Utilize diagnostic tool to reveal which standardized test is best per student
  • Teach to study more efficiently, focusing more on areas that need improvement
  • Give access to the best online virtual tutor for the ACT or SAT

How to “ACE” the College Interview Class

  • Train to prepare for and be comfortable in the college interview
  • Implement skills that can later be used with new employers

Comprehensive Essay Class and Editing Service

  • Give access to some of the nation’s premier essay editors who have graduated from Yale, Harvard, Stanford, and Boston Universities
  • Host brainstorming sessions to choose the topic that most increases chances for admission
  • Proofread essays for grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, and other common errors

This is designed to ensure you are on the right path and to identify any potetnial mistakes.

Financial Aid


An alarming percentage of families do not receive the amount of financial aid they anticipated. Our team is committed to making sure you know all of your options.

Our planners have more than 150 years of combined experience. By marrying this experience, research, and personal service, our process helps families save an average of $15,000 to $40,000 on a four-year degree.

Financial Services We Offer:

Financial Aid Award Analysis

  • Provide spreadsheet analysis of your financial aid awards
  • Help you understand which schools have given you the best financial aid package

Student Loan Selection

  • Discover best student loans available each year with our annual, non-biased spreadsheet comparison and analysis
  • Make loan selection process simple and easy to understand

Confirm the Accuracy of the Student Aid Report (SAR)

  • Review, confirm, and make required updates and adjustments

Financial Aid Award Appeals

  • Write appeals letters to the school on your behalf in attempt to increase financial aid award

Due Dates Report

  • Offer a due dates report through ENGUS to ensure knowledge of all deadlines

Data Verification Session

  • Make certain that all financial data used to complete financial aid applications are accurate

Completion of FAFSA and Other College-Related Forms

  • Relieve stress and frustration of having to fill out confusing and time-consuming forms
  • Make sure Financial Aid (FAFSA) forms and college applications are filled out accurately and on time, avoiding costly mistakes
  • Assess additional forms needed on school by school basis

Financial Aid Profile (FAP) Registration/Completion

  • FAP application is required by some colleges for financial aid consideration and is more complicated than the FAFSA.
  • Guide you through the two-step process: first the registration and then the application

Schedule a FREE 20 minute strategy call with College Planning Expert, Stuart Canzeri, to assess where your specific vulnerabilities lie in the college planning process.

For Parents


For most families, paying for college will be the second-highest expense of their lives. We recognize the weight of this decision and the pressure that parents feel to know it all for their kids.

Don’t find yourself spending thousands of dollars on the wrong college, or caught up in family feuds over this decision. Save money and save time by learning simple strategies and solutions directly from Atlanta’s premier college planner.

Services We Offer Parents:

A Professional Education Services Consultant

  • Have only ONE number to call to get all questions answered
  • Gain peace of mind knowing an expert is in your corner making sure no detail is overlooked and all deadlines are met
  • Watch progress through the program and be kept in the loop on student developments and achievements

Parent Resource Guide

  • Receive complete resource guide answering many common questions, worries, and fears of parents sending their kids to college
  • Relieve the burden of financial aid forms off your shoulders
  • Periodically receive a checklist of all the services we are providing, date of completion, the next step, and the status of pending work

A Blueprint for Financial Aid 

  • Discover how much potential aid your family could be awarded
  • Get connected to qualified financial representatives across the country who can assist in finding comfortable ways to pay the college bill while maximizing college aid

College Preparation Calendar

  • Highlight important events and deadlines.
  • Break down college preparation process into a simple, step-by-step, monthly checklist for both students and parents

Access To "Client-Only" Resources

  • Login to access most up-to-date college financial aid data and helpful tips from your Professional Education Services consultant
  • Receive our timely newsletter, client-only workshops, and periodic review meetings, along with ongoing email and telephone support

Tuition Rewards

  • Earn Professional Education Services’ tuition rewards points.
  • Each point equals $1 dollar in guaranteed scholarships, up to one full year of tuition
  • Points can be redeemed at over 300 participating private colleges and universities across the country

Schedule a FREE 20 minute strategy call with College Planning Expert, Stuart Canzeri, to assess where your specific vulnerabilities lie in the college planning process.

Financial Planning


College Planning

With our guidance, you can implement a strategic college funding plan that will not destroy your other financial goals. It is completely possible for your student to attend the college of their dreams and graduate in four years on the right career path without compromising your own aspirations.

Retirement Planning

Spending on college does not imply a huge sacrifice of your hard-earned retirement. You don’t have to push retirement plans to the side in order to afford college.

Investment Management

Investing is a key component of managing both retirement and college costs. Through thorough research, we can guide you through the investing process and how it could work for your family.

Schedule a FREE 20 minute strategy call with College Planning Expert, Stuart Canzeri, to assess where your specific vulnerabilities lie in the college planning process.