8 Tips for Moving into Your College Dorm


The Peachtree College Planning Team is ready for our families to start moving their students into freshman dorms. This is a wonderful time for students and their families! However, if your family is stressing out over all the logistics of packing, moving, and starting a new stage in life, then this time of year is not so great. Our college planning team wants to help! We put together a short list for moving to college. Because not all moving lists are created equal, we’ve complied the best of the best.

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Moving to College!

1. Talk to your roommate first

You never know what they are planning to bring until you ask! Coordinate so you don’t have multiple useless items and zero useful ones. This will also give you both a chance to talk about other things and see if you will be compatible.

2. Pack an overnight bag

if your family is traveling from far away. This will allow access to essentials much faster than rummaging through your packed suitcase or taped boxes.

Some great suggestions to include in your bag: extra underwear, deodorant, toothbrush, pajamas, a change of clothes (something that won’t get easily wrinkled), and backup socks.

3. Label your boxes and containers

Make sure you put your first and last name (even middle initial if your name is easily confused with someone else), room number, and name of the building you’re moving into. If you’re bringing a lot of clothes for changing seasons, make sure to mark what is in each box so you can easily switch out your wardrobe when the time comes. This will lessen the moving day confusion, and ensure that your boxes end up with you.

4. Consider using vacuum seal bags

These help with space and can be used for storing clothing you won’t even need until winter hits. You can write on the bags to enhance your organization, too.

5. Wrap up breakables

You can cut costs by using some of your clothing or old towels as padding. Then you don’t have to spend money on bubble wrap and you save a little bit of space.


6. Keep your electrical wires organized

With all the extra stuff we have today, it’s never a bad idea to separate your chargers and wires. Label the bag they go into and include a picture or short written directions for re-installation.


7. Keep you school supplies together

where they’re easily accessible. This will be a huge help, especially if you need to attend any orientation activities before classes start. Most students will want to take their time moving into their new space and decorating their room. School supplies will probably be a second thought until the moment you need them. So, be ahead of the game.


8. Don’t go overboard on buying new things

You’re excited about moving into a new space! Who wouldn’t be? While this is exciting, keep in mind that student housing is usually pretty cramped. You’ll also probably be sharing your new space with at least one more person. You’ll both want a universal space where you can relax and concentrate—too much stuff will not help with either mood. Plus, this will save you and your parents money at a point where a lot of expenses have already been paid.



See our list inspiration:


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Do you have a real college plan?

Do you have a real college plan?
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